Saturday, January 29, 2011


Magicka is a very fun top down dungeon crawler revolving around the most entertaining magic system I have ever played with. In Magicka you play a Wizard who has mastery over 8 different elements. Fire,Water,Lightning,Cold,Earth,Life,Barrier and Arcane. By combining the various elements you can craft different spells, with almost endless combinations. For example, barrier on it's own conjures up a simple wall to protect your wizard; but when combined with arcane creates a row of land mines for your foes to stumble upon. Further experimentation revealed that by using a third element in that already potent combination, I could make landmines that unleashed any element you imbued them with. My first experience of the game was playing through the story in co-op with my father. In Magicka, spells can effect everyone and I mean everyone. A mis aimed heal spell will heal your foes, along with mis aimed fireballs hurting your allies. After surviving the tutorial with only minor burns and a few shocks, we set out to save the world. Magicka is a very fun, quirky adventure with a engaging magic system that highly rewards experimentation. It was a great buy at only 10 dollars, but there are a few bugs. Luckily the developers have sworn "to code 24/7 until they have bleeding fingers" to churn out patches as soon as bugs are found. Remember, the safe word is BANANA

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