Saturday, January 29, 2011

Desk upgrade!

The Desk has a new addition, the 360 fought a bloody war and usurped the java book as the new monitor stand. The ponies have begun to complain of hot weather, but such is life on the desk.

In Soviet Russia wins US 3v3 Saturday Tournament

In Soviet Russia wins's weekly US 3v3 tournament, pulling up from a 2-0 in NUMNUM's favor to win 3-2. Once again ISR has established them selves as a force to be reckoned with, despite missing one of their players. Puffen filled in for r3x and played wonderfully, swapping between Gunner/Igniter depending on the map. Shout outs to loSu for his great seeker play and two reflected ultimates in the semi finals.


Magicka is a very fun top down dungeon crawler revolving around the most entertaining magic system I have ever played with. In Magicka you play a Wizard who has mastery over 8 different elements. Fire,Water,Lightning,Cold,Earth,Life,Barrier and Arcane. By combining the various elements you can craft different spells, with almost endless combinations. For example, barrier on it's own conjures up a simple wall to protect your wizard; but when combined with arcane creates a row of land mines for your foes to stumble upon. Further experimentation revealed that by using a third element in that already potent combination, I could make landmines that unleashed any element you imbued them with. My first experience of the game was playing through the story in co-op with my father. In Magicka, spells can effect everyone and I mean everyone. A mis aimed heal spell will heal your foes, along with mis aimed fireballs hurting your allies. After surviving the tutorial with only minor burns and a few shocks, we set out to save the world. Magicka is a very fun, quirky adventure with a engaging magic system that highly rewards experimentation. It was a great buy at only 10 dollars, but there are a few bugs. Luckily the developers have sworn "to code 24/7 until they have bleeding fingers" to churn out patches as soon as bugs are found. Remember, the safe word is BANANA

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloodline Champions

I thought I'd share my current favorite game, Bloodline Champions. Bloodline Champions is a top down MOBA style PVP game aimed at hardcore players and pro gamers. The design team at Stun Lock Studios have worked very hard to produce a very balanced game that is entirely skill based. Every ability goes where you are pointing your mouse. No auto locks and no homing projectiles. On top of that, there are 0 forms of RNG. Your ability always hits for the same amount of damage, with 0 crits or any other outside influence other than abilities changing the damage. There are no items, and only fast paced two minute rounds of arena combat. The game also features a CTF and control point game mode, usually played in a 5v5 setting. The arena game mode is played most often in a 3v3 set up. Check out the game and feel free to add me in game(Babam). If you're looking to learn I do run tutor games for noobs. Goodluck in game!

My Desk has Ponies on it

Stay tuned for more posts involving ponies, PCs and video games.