Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloodline Champions

I thought I'd share my current favorite game, Bloodline Champions. Bloodline Champions is a top down MOBA style PVP game aimed at hardcore players and pro gamers. The design team at Stun Lock Studios have worked very hard to produce a very balanced game that is entirely skill based. Every ability goes where you are pointing your mouse. No auto locks and no homing projectiles. On top of that, there are 0 forms of RNG. Your ability always hits for the same amount of damage, with 0 crits or any other outside influence other than abilities changing the damage. There are no items, and only fast paced two minute rounds of arena combat. The game also features a CTF and control point game mode, usually played in a 5v5 setting. The arena game mode is played most often in a 3v3 set up. Check out the game and feel free to add me in game(Babam). If you're looking to learn I do run tutor games for noobs. Goodluck in game!

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